Tracking Aguiar

Aguiar Cargas
IATA Mercante WWPC Porto de Santos

Trade Imp/Exp

We have our own government approved import & export license (Radar/Siscomex).

We deal on import and export trading to manufacturers, distributors and exporters interested in increasing their sales overseas, as well as to importers searching for specific products.

We can act as authorized import / export agent, searching and promoting product, securing domestic and foreign buyers to achieve volume sales. We handle foreign trade transactions including inquiries, orders, documentation, finance, payments, logistics, customs clearance, forwarding and shipping of the goods.

Av. Conselheiro Nébias, 754 | cj 2621 . Ed. Helbor Offices Villa Rica . Santos, SP / BR CEP 11045-002
Fone/Fax: +55 13 3219-4500 |